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Our Clients and Case Studies
Learn about some of the situations our clients have faced and how we worked together to solve many of the business issues facing today’s companies.
Marketing Backend Development

You are a hot marketing or advertising agency. A client would like to tie in their internal pricing and inventory system to their attractive web site. The internal systems sound like something out of a spy novel. How do you go about making this happen? more»

Oracle database development

Your company uses Oracle databases to track your internal business flow. Your in-house DBA team is busy with general maintenance. You need to leverage your internal database and extend its power to a custom web interface for your clients or customers. What do you do to implement your project? more»

Custom Web Application Development

Your company has a unique business model. Your company website was programmed with design and marketing in mind, but you would now like to give your customers and suppliers a website that more accurately reflects your business model, so you can emphasize and take advantage of your uniqueness. Where do you begin to take your website from generic to specialized? more»

E-Commerce Solutions

How do you take your business offering and sell that to customers through the web?

Paid and Natural Search Engine Solutions

Have you ever wondered how much business you can generate through the web? How large is that audience on the other side of the ’Net?

Emergency Web and Database Support

What do you do when your DBA or web programmer gets sick and you absolutely must have a fix or change in place ASAP? more»

XML Webservice Development

How do you coordinate your in-house databases with third party systems, such as supplier databases or websites?